• Dr. FeelGood Skin & Scalp Antiseptic<span><br>Removes Oil & Dirt</span>
  • Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution<br><br>There Is A Solution</span>
  • Imperial Touch Shaving Gel.
  • MaleFace Razor Bump Remedy
  • <b><center>Imperial Touch<br> Razor Bump Solution.</center></b>
  • <b>Imperial Touch Facial Aloe Vera Cleanser.</b>
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  •                                         <b>The Daily Regimen For Clean Healthy Skin</b>
  • <b style=The Collection: Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution">
  • Imperial Touch says it all


Eucalyptus & Menthol Shave Cream 8 oz.

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MaleFace Rejuvenating Moisture Cream

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Chamomile & Sage Moisture Shave Gel 8 oz.

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Medicated Shave Gel 8 oz

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About VarNasol

What started out as a small side project selling skin care in Atlanta, GA back in 1998, slowly became Amanady Products with the focus on unparalleled customer service and quality products. Our philosophy is to provide exclusive merchandise to the barber, beauty industry with no compromise to effectiveness. Over the years Amanady grew and new brands were introduced to better service the demands of our customers. VarNasol grew out of the need to better structure the company, streamline processes to reflect growth and the vision to better serve our clients.

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  • “I have used Imperial Touch to Control both my razor bumps and to prevent in-grown hair for over 9 years. I have recommended it to ...”     
    -Ivor Carrington
    Imperial Touch
  • Steven Cunningham
    “The Imperial Touch Shaving Gel is the best shaving gel I have tried on the market for my problem. Keep it up!...”     
    -Steven Cunningham
    Imperial Touch Shaving Gel