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I have use Imperial Touch for six months now and I really like how it cleared up all my bumps.
Austin, TX
Justin Rebla Justin Rebla
Imperial Touch Razor Solution
I have been using Imperial Touch for 5 years. But this Oat Protein facial scrub and Aloe Vera cleanser is the best scrub and cleanser I have ever used on me and my customers. Wow, great stuff.
Stone Mountain, GA
Alton Jarrett Alton Jarrett
Imperial Touch Razor Solution
I am a Medical Esthetician and owner of Urban Skin Solutions, specializing in clinical skin care for people of color in Oakland, California. This is an awesome product and I recommend it highly for razor bumps and ingrowns on both men and women of all ages. It is more hydrating, less irritating and much more reasonably priced than similar products on the market. Its also very effective for acne and keratosis pilaris, those little hard bumps on the backs of the arms, shoulders, legs and buttocks.
Oakland, CA
Kathryn Leverette, Medical Esthetician Kathryn Leverette, Medical Esthetician
Razor Bump Solution
The products are awesome! the smoothness of my skin, I can't put it in words. Thank you so much. In fact, I received Imperial Touch razor solution from my barber, he mentioned how this product would solve my problem, I'm glad he did.
Atlanta, GA
Bobby Anderson Bobby Anderson
Imperial Touch Razor Solution
Imperial touch is the best bump solution that I have ever come in contact with. There are many bump solutions out on the market but none are as effective and soothing as imperial touch. I have used bump patrol, bump off etc. Imperial touch takes care of the itch and it really doesn’t burn. Skin thigh and tan skin feel like they are about to melt my face away. Imperial touch can be used under your arms and on your private area that is how mild it is, but it is still the most effective bump solution that I have used. If I get an itch I just put some imperial touch on it and the itch is gone. I love it and the imperial touch products are the only products I use. From the facial scrub to the dandruff shampoo, I love them all.
Atlanta, GA
Amaad Terry Amaad Terry
Imperial Touch
Once I`ve properly cleaned my face, shaved, and applied your Razor Bump Solution, my face has cleared up a good deal. I appreciate having a product like this.
Scottsdale, AZ
Robert J. Murphy Robert J. Murphy
Razor Bump Solution
Simply put, this stuff is the ONLY thing that works, and it works beautifully. I have almost no irritation or acne on my neck anymore. I can`t praise this stuff highly enough.
Long Beach, CA
Matt Skow Matt Skow
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution
Solving my clients razor bumps & ingrown hairs is my concern. Part of my treatment is to use Imperial Touch. It works.
Lithonia, GA
Vonetta Williams, CMES Vonetta Williams, CMES
Imperial Touch
Out of all the products that we cater our customers with, the Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution is our number one seller. The Medicated Shaving Gel is tight too.
Fayetteville, GA
Iquan Muhammad Iquan Muhammad
Razor Bump Solution & Shave Gel
I started to use Imperial Touch six years ago, my face has been smooth & free of bumps. Thanks for everything.
Mesa, AZ
Mekell Baldwin, Master Barber Mekell Baldwin, Master Barber
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution
The Imperial Touch Shaving Gel is the best shaving gel I have tried on the market for my problem. Keep it up!
Emporia, KS
Steven Cunningham Steven Cunningham
Imperial Touch Shaving Gel
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution aided me with my razor bump problem. It started working immediately. I love it.
Miami, FL
Tim Thomas Tim Thomas
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution. Great Stuff!
Long Beach, CA
Linda Skow Linda Skow
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution
I have used Imperial Touch to Control both my razor bumps and to prevent in-grown hair for over 9 years. I have recommended it to many of my friends along with Both my sons using it for many years. It works.
Ivor Carrington Ivor Carrington
Imperial Touch
I'm a personal sales man for imperial touch and I must say this product really do work and believe me I wouldn't be bothered with it if it didn't do what I expected it to do.I'm not only a sales person but I'm also a client.. I use this product every time I shave to keep the bumps Away and believe me they stay away..
Atlanta Georgia
Sham lee Sham lee
Imperial touch
The solution is fabulous and it really works. I have to shave everyday and I'm prone to ingrown hairs the solution keeps my skin even toned and bump free! I've tried other bump solutions but none works like Imperial Touch....
Sharon James Sharon James
Razor Bump Solution
I have used the razor bump solution and shaving gel combo for years. It has cleared up my face, leaving it bumps free. I have tried other products but always come back to Imperial Touch. It's truly amazing.
Lithonia, GA
Larry Owens Larry Owens
Imperial Touch razor bump solution and shaving gel
I bought Imperial Touch Solutions at my barber shop. Simply put, this stuff is the real deal that really works. I have almost no more razor bumps and bumps in back of my head. Thanks Imperial Touch.
Alpharetta, GA
Gerald Mindo Gerald Mindo
Imperial Touch Solutions
I really enjoy using the Shaving Gel and Razor Bump Solution. In the past I had a lot of issues with razor bumps and dark spots. The Shaving gel is thick and leaves my face feeling smooth. The Razor Bump Solution really worked well in my problem areas. My wife loves how smooth my face is now.
Deltona FL
Razor Bump Solution
I have been using Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution on my customers for over 15 years. It enables me to give straight razor shaves without any complications. Customers love it and they keep coming back for it.
Atlanta, GA
Qaadir Larke, Master Barber Qaadir Larke, Master Barber
Imperial Touch Solution for Ingrown Hairs
This stuff is absolutely amazing. Not only did it help with Razor bumps on my chin, but it helped with the back of my neck as well. I highly recommend this product.
Columbia MD
Phillip Mercer
Razor Bump Solution
Hey this is Lyman Bryant of Houseman Special Cuts using the Imperial Touch Shave Gel on my customer. I get the super close shave every time and thereafter I top it off with the Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution to get rid of razor burns and bumps.
Michigan City, IN
Houseman Special Cuts Houseman Special Cuts
Imperial Touch Shave Gel

Orlando, FL
Corporate Communications Corporate Communications
Imperial Touch Skin Care for Men
I am a master barber. I use Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution and Shave Gel on customers for ingrown hairs and razor bumps. This stuff is no joke. It works.
Tuscaloosa, AL
Idris Lahjid, Master Barber
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution & Shave Gel
This is the best product you can use if you have razor bumps. They also make a shaving gel, facial scrub and cleanser. It even gets rid of those dark spots from the bumps. This stuff starts working right a way.
Tuscaloosa, AL
Idris Lahjid, Master Barber Idris Lahjid, Master Barber
Imperial Touch Skin Care products
Imperial Touch Eucalyptus & Menthol Shave Cream transforms the daily routine of shaving into an event that none would choose to miss. This rich, luxurious shaving cream will make your shave less irritating and your skin baby smooth. Nourishing lanolin and vitamin E, protects the skin from irritation, razor burns; preventing dryness and allowing your razor to glide over skin easily. For normal to sensitive skin. Can be used with shaving brush or with fingers
Jae Imperial Barber Shop - Atlanta, GA
How To Hot Towel Shave How To Hot Towel Shave
Imperial Touch Shave Cream
I used the Imperial Touch Medicated Shave Gel and to my surprise worked extremely well. I have used real high end products that do not work as well as Imperial Touch. It got rid of the burns and bumps I would experience with the other products, in addition, it made my face real super smooth and moisturized.
Rockville, MD
Shakaib Shakaib
Imperial Touch Shave Gel
If you are looking for a product that really works on giving you a clean, smooth shave. You need Imperial Touch Shaving Gel. It works on the bumps and leaves your face smooth to the touch. I use it on my customers and it's not available in stores.
Atlanta, GA
Scutt Strong, A Cut Above Barber Shop Scutt Strong, A Cut Above Barber Shop
Imperial Touch Shave Gel gets rid of razor bumps and razor burns immediately as demonstrated by a professional barber. Shave Gel combines softeners and conditioners to formulate the perfect shave. Top of with the Razor Bumps Solution and see the big difference.
Atlanta, GA
Scutt Strong Scutt Strong
Imperial Touch Medicated Shaving Gel
I have used Imperial Touch whenever I run out. It works very well and I highly recommend it.
Norcross, GA
Merhawi K.
Imperial Touch Shaving Gel
I was given a sample of this by my barber 5 years ago and have been using it ever since. I use to get razor bumps with every cut, now my skin is very smooth. Highly recommend!
Atlanta, GA
R. Shawn Williams
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution
The razor bump solution works really well! Although I was skeptical at trying it in the beginning it was definitely worth it. I use it 2-6 hours after I shave or wax, which works well because I generally use an exfoliant. It left my shaven area smooth and the bumps didnt return. I wouldn’t recommend using it immediately after shaving because it has a slight burn to it. As a beauty blogger I highly recommend this product!
Auri M.
Razor Bump Solution
Imperial touch is a very good product I’ve been using it for about 13 years freshness 219 I g Aka Houseman
Michigan City Ind
Lyman Bryant jr Lyman Bryant jr
Razor bump solution
Great product! You feel it working on your skin. My skin feels fresh and smooth after use.
Deltona, Florida
Chad Holmes Chad Holmes
Razor Bump Solution
Better Cuts Barber Shop in Decatur, GA show us how much their customers love Imperial Touch Razor Bumps Solution. It Works!
Decatur. Ga
Better Cuts Barber Shop Better Cuts Barber Shop
Imperial Touch Razor Bumps Solution
Dale Harrison, Barber Shop owner. Imperial Touch Razor Bumps Solution customer review. #2
Atlanta, GA
Dale Harrison,  Better Cuts Barber Shop Dale Harrison, Better Cuts Barber Shop
Imperial Touch Solutions
Imperial Touch Customer Review from an Atlanta Barber Shop.
Atlanta, GA
Imperial Touch Customer Review #3
Imperial Touch Razor Bumps Solution
I've been using this product for about 6 months now. I wanted to wait a bit to give it a fair and honest review. After a few months of usage I am a believer! I am bald...and only do bald head lol. I shave my head about 3 times a week. And I always have to have my bottle of Imperial Touch ready! I am surprise how well this product works! I can't imagine using anything else. I would highly recommend this product to everybody!
Laurel, MD
Andrew A. Andrew A.
Imperial Touch Razor Bumps Solution & Shaving Gel
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I am letting you know that your razor bump remedy is nothing short of miraculous. After years of shaving as infrequently as possible due to burn, unsightly spots and pain, with the first use of your remedy, I have a completely pain free and unblemished face. I can now shave as often as I want without concern thanks to your product --- many thanks and repeat orders from me.
United Kingdom
Lydon Mably Lydon Mably
MaleFace Razor Bump Remedy
Your Rejuvenating Moisture Cream is terrific. My wife noticed that my skin is smoother and that its helping with the fine lines I have on my forehead
Carlsbad, CA
David Johnson
MaleFace Rejuvenating Moisture Cream
I applied the Razor Bump Remedy, and within 2 hours I noticed that the redness and irritation I was experiencing had completely disappeared. I have used the product twice a day for the past week and believe this is the best product I have ever used for immediate skin bump repair.
Los Angeles, CA
John Charky
MaleFace Razor Bump Remedy
I do not normally publicly endorse a product, but I know there are other head shavers out there who get discouraged by razor bumps. I had a significant and persistent problem with razor bumps which the MaleFace Razor Bump Remedy has almost completely remedied in only three days! From the first time I applied it to my scalp, I could almost feel the razor bumps disappearing! In only three days, it has made almost my entire head completely smooth--and all the while I have been doing my regular shave against the grain each morning. It has even produced a significant reduction in the really tough bumps at the base of the back of my neck. Thank you
Camp Hill, PA
Ty Walker
MaleFace Razor Bump Remedy