Badger shave brush

Badger shave brush

For hundreds of years, the very best product on the market men have ever used to get the very best shave is to first use a quality shaving brush. And the very best, premium shaving brush ever known is pure Badger hair shaving brushes. Use of only the finest natural Badger hair available commonly referred to as "Silvertip or Super badger". Silvertip Badger is the longest of all the badger bristles. It is typically tan with darker colored bands at about 2/3 of its length. Silvertip has no equal in luxury and feel. Period!

Badger hair shaving brushes allows more of the shaving cream or gel to evenly spread over the skin. The circular motion of Badger brush exfoliates dead skin cells opening up the pores so the shaving cream or gel can better coat the hair stubble. The greatest value of Silver tip bristles is not only the experience of use, but the performance characteristics of the brush. The flared tips which serve to provide thermal insulation to the Badger allows the brush to hold a greater volume of water when saturated. The quality of pure Badger hair shaving brushes aides in lifting razor stubbles that are lodged underneath the skin.

By lifting the razor stubble, blade action is minimized by not causing excessive strokes on the skin, thus helping to relieve razor burns and trauma to the skin. Using a shaving brush with a quality shaving cream product creates a dense lather, infused by water in the lather, giving the razor a lubricated coated surface to glide on. Performing better lather creates a moister, better performing, closer and less irritating shave.

Luxury, Decadent Shaving: Pure Badger, Super Badger, Best Badger Brushes
With proper care, a quality badger shaving brush will last for years. Badger brushes remain soft an pliable, despite daily use. The same cannot be said for horsehair brushes, or shaving brushes with artificial hair. Badger hair shaving brushes come in three grades - Pure, best and super badger hair.

Where Does Badger Come From?
Most Badger hair are imported from Asia, China and Russia. In Russia, Badger are raised like cattle for export. The Badger is primarily used for food and the skin is a by product like Cow leather here in the United States. The United States has very regulated rules on how these skin are imported and used.


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